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True/Operating Lease – Fair Market Value Purchase Option (usually 8%-15% of Equipment Cost)

Finance Lease – $1.00 Buy-Out

Equipment Finance Agreement (“EFA”) – Similar to Loan w/ no Buy-Out

We are positioned to handle a wide variety of lease transactions:

  • “Application Only” Programs $2,000 - $250,000
  • Financial Statement Disclosures $250,000+

We are continually adding innovative services to our existing capabilities and offering flexible lease options. Through our network of bank lines, partnerships, and private investors Alliance Leasing promotes its services to literally hundreds of business customers each month.

Flexible Finance Programs
  1. Seasonal – good for businesses that experience fluctuating time periods of higher and lower revenue production on an annual basis. Pick three months you want an irregular payment schedule.
  2. 60 Day Deferral – business pays two payments upfront deferring payments for 60 days after funding.
  3. 90 Deferral - great asset for customer acquiring equipment that does not generate income during the first 90 days. Minimal contact payments of $25.00 for first three months followed by regular payments for remaining term.
  4. Annual/Semi-Annual/Quarterly – 1 advance payment upfront required followed by regular payments for remaining term.
  5. 6 x $99 - $198 upfront and first six payments at $99.00 per month. Regular payments begin month seven until term end.
  6. Working Capital - provides customer with 25% back of equipment price. Must be used for working capital, inventory, expansion or to improve cash flow.
  7. Lines of Credit - for future equipment purchases.
  8. Let us know which Program Best Fits Your Needs